"To create one´s own world in any art takes courage." Georgia O´Keeffe

  Flo Dinis Klopries´artwork has evolved gradually from a particular form of Figuration
  to Abstraction and Abstract Figuration but is still open to other/new artistic approaches
  in the future. But her artwork also often reveals an immanent state of what we could
  call cultural and artistic "In-Betweenness".

  However distinct the different periods of her artwork may be they share common

  1)  the search for the transcendental dimension of nature and of human existence 
  2)  the ambivalence of artistic expression: calm/ turmoil, darkness/ light, hard texture/
  soft fluidity... 3)  a constant questioning of life and reality in all its aspects
  4) the importance of movement and of the intrinsic energy of creative gesture, which
  sometimes literally explodes into a sea of colours - sometimes dark or soft and sometimes
  vibrant - into a multitude of voices 5) the awe before the wonders of nature, expressed
  not only in her WATER series.

  She paints the same way she used to sing: with energy and passion but also with introspection
  and calm giving birth to deep emotions of peace and communion but also of heavy storm,
  of longing and of pain.

  “Flo DINIS KLOPRIES and Aquatic Abstraction”

  "In the tradition of Zao Wou-Ki´s Lyrical Abstraction,
  Flo DINIS KLOPRIES´artwork plunges us into the diffuse but
  powerful universe of water and its symbolism. Her paintings
  never cease to exalt the spiritual and mystical powers of this element
  but also its quite energy. From material chaos and gestual  energy
  a symphony of colours and light - a world of sensations - arises."

  Excerpts from the original french text by Sarah Noteman, Art Historian and
  Art Critic, Paris and Canada (read also the original version in french)


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